A Student’s Guide to Navigating Life and Finding Purpose


“Chart Your Course” demonstrates how we can transform our strength to overcome hardship and live our purpose.


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Tasha and Gabe, Minnesota students, describe their school year as anything but typical. They are trapped at home in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with the drastic changes brought about by stay-at-home orders as well as tough but honest conversations about racial injustice in their community.

In an impossible year, Gabe and Tasha form an unlikely friendship that helps them move forward. Eventually, the journey to survive the school year leads to unexpected opportunities, fulfilling relationships, and discovering purpose.

Dr. Robert T. Sicora guides students to purpose and meaning through the eight spokes of his Leading from the Helm model, using a modern-day fable and research-based techniques.

In addition to being a great read for teenagers and anyone interested in self-discovery, Chart Your Course is a testament to the transforming strength within us to overcome hardships and live out our purpose.

Chart Your Course! What a wonderful way to communicate the value of discovering your purpose and sharing your strengths with others. The relevant life stories found in this book enable your adults to reflect on what they bring to the world that can have influence in others’ lives while gaining personal satisfaction along the way. I started reading this and could not stop as I learned from what transpired in the lives of young people unknowingly helping each other as they learned more about themselves, family, and friends. They went deep into understanding each other as people find so hard to do today. I recommend this book to middle and high school students as well as their parents. It will help them save time and hurt feelings as they realize we all are made with a purpose and that purpose is different for each of us.

Read it! You will be glad you did!

Lucy Dominguez

Teacher, mother of four daughters, and ten grandchildren.

All uniquely made for their true purpose!

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