Talent Lifecycle

Attract and retain your best talent

If your organization struggles with the challenging tasks of attracting, developing and retaining top talent, you’re not alone. Helping organizations overcome these challenges is a core competency at Sicora Consulting. We can help you implement a Talent Lifecycle program with the strategies, tools, and processes to maximize outcomes for your employees, and your organization.

Our holistic process ensures that all five aspects of your talent lifecycle are considered and optimized for success. You’ll gain the knowledge, tools, and processes to measure development and significantly improve retention, all within the framework of our proven Leading from the Helm model.

Attract & Recruit

Ensure that talent you bring into your organization not only has the proper knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, and education, but that they also align to your culture. We combine our powerful assessment tools with those of our partners to make sure your job candidates are the right fit.

Hire & Onboard

Your onboarding process has a profound impact on a new hire’s engagement, particularly during the first three to nine months. Our 8 Factors of Engagement model, we can assure that your process creates immediate and sustainable engagement that translates into rapid assimilation and impact.

Develop & Deploy

Successfully developing and deploying your talent is essential not only for meeting organizational goals, but for creating enagement among your most valued staff members. Accurate assessment is critical to this process, ensuring that opportunities for development are realized, and that your new hires are placed in a position to succeed.

Perform & Assess

Effective performance metrics and management are critical to the alignment and accomplishment of your goals. This is a core competency of Sicora Consulting. We’re experts at designing performance management systems and processes that measure employee development using a powerful suite of assessment tools.

Engage & Retain

Engagement is the leading indicator of performance for your organization, helping you develop and retain talent that is critical to your ongoing success. Our Leading from the Helm and the 8 Factors of Engagement programs were built to support you in these two key areas of the Talent Lifecycle.

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