Take command of your organization’s course with confidence

Sicora’s Leading from the Helm program equips your organization with individualized insights, balanced capabilities, and holistic tools to activate engagement.

Team working together within a positive work culture environment

Transform Culture

Accelerate Change

Drive Performance

Don’t let chronic dysfunction and lack of healthy communication sink performance and prevent your organization from achieving its goals.

Build a more engaged, driven, and successful organization.

Transform Culture

The Leading from the Helm journey propels your employees to discover their leader within and co-create a culture of engagement and trust.

Accelerate Change

Accelerate results by embarking on a journey of shared learning and experiences for every member of your organization.

Drive Performance

Equip your organization with individualized insights, balanced capabilities, and holistic tools that lift performance and drive measurable results at every level.

You don’t have to navigate change on your own.

As a leader in your organization, you understand that engagement, leadership, and teamwork are essential to your stability and future growth. Building a culture of trust and accountability is central to that. But in today’s turbulent times, it can be difficult to bring these changes about on your own.

That’s why Sicora Consulting created the Leading from the Helm learning journey – a science-based, balanced, and holistic model to maximize individual potential and organizational success.

The Leading from the Helm Learning Journey Series

Leading from Within

Leadership mastery begins with an understanding of yourself as a leader and communicator. Assess your leadership style, level of engagement, and the driving forces behind your strengths.

Understanding Others

Learn to connect with others by understanding communication styles and leverage science-based insights to build trusting relationships. Build empathy to enable high-potential performance.

Knowing Your Team

Apply the principles of understanding others to drive alignment with your team. Unlock and improve employee communication, morale & engagement.

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Take Command of Your Organization’s Course

With a clear strategy for your organization and team you can lead better and engage employees quicker to increase the success of your organization.

Learning Journeys on the Rali Platform

Unlike other online learning tools that simply present content, the Rali platform activates employees using an engagement-rich, community-based approach to learning. Combined with world-class experts in change activation, accountability, coaching and intelligent analytics, the Rali platform facilitates success and lasting transformation for organizations of any size.

Embark on a Change Journey


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