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Maximize individual potential and organizational success with
Leading from the Helm

Leading from the Helm is a proprietary, science-based methodology you can use to evaluate your organization’s strategy, engagement, culture, and people that features a balanced and holistic approach to revolutionizing how your organization thinks, behaves, and performs.

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Leading From the Helm Programs


Improve Leadership at all Levels

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Build Trust & Team Effectiveness

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Boost Engagement & Performance

Build Trust

Transform your organizational culture in less than a year by building a solid foundation of trust, leading to better teamwork and employee engagement.

Improve Engagement

Boost employee engagement in as little as six months with our actionable, scientific model that empowers employees to take ownership of their role in the process.

Drive Impact

Know exactly where you are on the journey with measurable insights and analytics that keep your finger on the pulse of organizational success and make an immediate impact.

Discover the Helm


Bring clarity and focus to your strategic planning


Experience the Leader Within Program


Build a Purposeful Culture of Trust


Explore the 8 Aspects of an Effective Team


Uncover the 8 Factors of Engagement


Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Discover the 8 Qualities of Customer


Track, measure, and improve results

Chart Your Course

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Take Command of Your Organization’s Course

With a clear strategy for your organization and team you can lead better and engage employees quicker to increase the success of your organization.

“Truly transforming for anyone who wants to create a high-performance team”

The Sicora Crew does an amazing job creating an atmosphere where people gain greater insights to themselves and to their teams. Their instruction methods teach the results in a way that can be applied not only to the work environment but also, in everyday life. It is truly transforming for anyone who wants to create a high-performance team.

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Chart a purpose driven course through life’s journey

Take hold of your individual helm and navigate your way toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life and career.

Engagement is foundational to every organization

Engagement is the leading indicator of organizational success.
That said, employee engagement begins and ends with the employee. Where’s your engagement level?

In about 3 minutes you can take the assessment today to find out and receive your own individual profile.

8 Factors of Engagement Assessment

Our values are centered on helping you and your organization achieve and sustain your full potential


Make trust the foundation of everything you do.


Significantly improve engagement in less than six months.


Create sustainable results throughout your organization.

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