How to build a Purposeful Culture of Trust

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Establish a work culture that thrives on trust

Trust is the foundation of a healthy organization’s culture. A trust-based culture ensures productivity, high employee engagement, and improved customer confidence and loyalty. However, most organizations don’t know what makes their culture unique. 

Our work is based on groundbreaking trust research conducted by Dr. Sicora that examined how the personality styles of individuals play a role in building trust at the individual, team, and organizational levels. 

By using the Purposeful Culture of Trust model, leaders can create alignment around critical dimensions of culture that will ensure the fulfillment of their strategies. Having a strategically aligned culture will give you clarity on where you need to adjust on the 8 continuums in order to create a more cohesive, results-oriented culture.

How you will benefit


Create a culture of accountability

Build employee recognition into your processes


Ensure continuous development at all levels


Rally your teams around a shared purpose

The 8 Styles of Culture helps create alignment among leaders in order to build trust through consistency.

8 styles of culture

Build the right culture for you

Our 8 Styles of Culture can bring your leadership into alignment in order to boost productivity, increase employee engagement, and improve customer experience.

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