Our Story

Helping organizations find their True North

Dr. Sicora conducts a Leading from the Helm session

Why we do what we do

For more than a decade, Sicora Consulting has helped organizations dramatically improve trust, engagement, and performance using our Leading from the Helm model. Through our work, these organizations have been able to navigate a more purposeful and intentional path toward realizing their full potential.

We seek to create meaningful change at an individual, team, and organizational level, while helping our clients expand their impact on the communities they serve. Their stories are our stories. And we’re proud to have played a part in them.

We work with organizations of all sizes and a broad range of industries. We’ve helped organizations like Best Buy, Lilly, and SAP improve culture, processes, and customer satisfaction. We’ve helped financial institutions recover from economic turmoil and market disruptions to emerge stronger, and more resilient. We’re at our best when we’re pursuing our passion of working with purpose-driven organizations looking to explore new horizons in growth while delighting their customers and constituents.

Our mission

We offer balanced, science-based organization development programs that build purpose, trust, and agility, creating an employee-led culture of continuous engagement and improvement to drive performance.

Our purpose

We guide organizations of all kinds to build employee-led cultures of engagement and performance.