Individual, group and executive coaching services

This year has presented challenges to virtually all organizations. If you need additional support to help navigate yours through these uncertain times, we’re here to help.

As part of our partnership with Optify to provide large-scale enterprise coaching, Sicora Consulting offers short-term, on-demand coaching services with an experienced coach to help you adapt to any disruption you are facing so you can better prepare for the times ahead. A wide array of coaching services are available on a virtual or in-person basis, depending on your preference.

Adjust your sails with our coaching services

Whether you have a specific coaching need or you would like to look at the possibilities
of a more comprehensive program, we have the coaches ready to help you adjust your
sails as you navigate toward a more clear direction.

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The support you need, when you need it

Our coaching services are designed to provide ongoing support as you work toward developing a more engaged, more purposeful organization. They ensure sustained interaction with you and your team to ensure continuous progress and results. Our experienced coaches are here to help you address a wide range of needs and concerns. Here are just a few ways in which we can assist you. 


Recapture a sense of clarity and purpose to drive forward progress


Navigate tough decisions with significant consequences


Develop stronger, more engaged, and more resilient teams


Uncover new strategies to drive growth in a changing marketplace


Improve and maintain trust across your organization


Adapt to changing consumer sentiment and behavior


Improve your HR programs and processes to drive better employee outcomes


Fine tune your processes to improve efficiencies and eliminate waste

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