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Improve performance throughout your organization

To maximize performance, your organization needs to be strong in every facet of your operations. Your team needs to be engaged, your strategies need to be aligned, and your leaders need to lead with conviction and purpose. Sicora Consulting can help ensure that your organization is continuously maximizing performance in these areas and many others. Our program offerings work together to provide a balanced and holistic solution that addresses every facet of your organization.

Leading From the Helm

Transform your organization and achieve sustainable results by aligning your people, culture, and processes around a unifying vision of excellence. Our proven and science-based approach to organizational effectiveness works by maximizing human potential and driving measurable improvement.



Navigating Team Effectiveness

As your company emerges from the turmoil of the past year, improving team effectiveness is crucial to regaining any lost momentum. Navigating Team Effectiveness integrates the Team, Leadership, Culture and Engagement spokes of the Organizational Helm into a blended, virtual and in-person program that will reimagine, reengage and reignite your team.



Discover the Leader Within

We believe that leadership exists in all of us, regardless of job title. Our Discover the Leader Within uses a variety of four color assessment tools to reveal the unique leadership styles and strengths of everyone in your organization. By gaining this knowledge, you’ll build deeper levels of understanding and trust at all levels.



Grab The Helm Book

Grab the Helm

Both a book and a program, Grab the Helm offers a personal take on Leading from the Helm. Developing a deeper sense of self is the first step in this transformative journey. From there, participants explore their core values and beliefs, gaining the insights and confidence to navigate their lives and careers with a clearer sense of purpose.



Purposeful Culture of Trust

Trust is essential to the success of your organization, providing a foundation for teamwork, engagement, and performance. Based largely on Dr. Sicora’s seminal research, Purposeful Culture of Trust can help your organization create alignment and clarity among individuals and teams at all levels of your organization.



8 Factors of Engagement

Building and maintaining an engaged workforce is crucial to the success of any organization. Are your employees as engaged as you would like for them to be? Our science-based model can help you create an employee-led culture of continuous engagement by creating accountability, providing recognition, and clarifying your shared purpose.



Additional Offerings

Strategic Planning

Bring clarity and focus to your strategic planning activities using a balanced and holistic approach that creates alignment and purpose.

Diversity and Inclusion

Maintain your competitive edge by building and nurturing a diverse workplace where employees from all backgrounds feel included and vital.

Sales Development

Learn how to transform your sales approach and motivate your teams to meet the evolving needs of your customer base.

Talent Management

Gain the insights and knowledge you need to attract, grow, and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive hiring environment.

Change Management

Prepare and support individuals, teams, and leaders to more successfully plan, implement, and manage change within your organization.

Process Management

Leverage tools like Lean Six Sigma to save time and money while aligning your business activities to better meet customer requirements.