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Employee engagement is a leading performance indicator for any organization. But it can be challenging to establish and maintain over time. Annual engagement surveys act only as a benchmark, and not as a sustainable process that instills engagement deeply within a culture.

That’s exactly what 8 Factors of Engagement is designed to do. Our science-based model is the most balanced, holistic, and actionable employee engagement model on the market, measuring engagement at the individual, team, and organizational level. It’s a proven approach to building an employee-led culture of continuous engagement that promotes trust, shared purpose, and improved performance.

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The most passionate and impactful employee is one who is Actively Engaged, and a lot goes into being engaged on the part of the employee and the organization. But in a typical organization, only one quarter of employees indicate that they are Actively Engaged. This means over three quarters are not fully engaged – and many of those are Actively Disengaged.
By leveraging 8 Factors of Engagement, and building an employee led culture of engagement and trust, your organization can increase the number of Actively Engaged employees by more than 15% in as little as 6 to 9 months.
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