Navigating with Purpose

Harness the power of the Helm and steer your way toward a more meaningful purpose.

Explore your individual helm

In Grab the Helm, you’ll learn the skills to take command of the moment and the life you were called to lead. You’ll gain the insights and confidence to grab hold of the life you want and make a lasting impact on your team and your organization. This transformative journey begins by asking yourself a simple yet profound question: What is my purpose?

The answer will emerge as you work through the eight spokes of the author’s Leading from the Helm model.

Expand your journey

Grab the Helm is more than simply a book. It’s an evolving experience that can be expanded through learning and practice on our online learning platform, where you’ll find a growing number of resources to help you apply the principles of Grab the Helm to every facet of your life and career. Our facilitated course will guide you on your journey by helping you affirm your purpose or discover it anew.

More than ever in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, an organization requires leaders at all levels. Grab the Helm provides you and your team the necessary tools to develop the leadership skills that will give you a platform for growth and advancement. Organizations and individuals that demonstrate these skills will always be in demand, and will always advance toward achieving their desired goals.

Bob Thele

Former President, CEO

Covey Leadership Center

This book is destined to help produce purpose-driven leaders and build self awareness across all areas of the organization. It is perfect for individuals and organizations who have the goal of discovering their true potential and maximizing success.

Meliene Fontaine-Laska

Human Resource Director

Crow Wing County, MN

In Grab the Helm, Dr Sicora tells a totally engaging story, combined with both insights and tools, that enables you to lead the life you want to lead. The Helm is a compelling system that leads you through a series of choices that enables you to reflect and learn from where you’ve been, consider where you are at, and crucially choose where you want to go, who you want to be and how you want to make an impact in the world.

Ian Stephenson

Consultant, Advisor & Adjunct Professor

Former VP Organization Effectiveness, Cargill

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