A breakthrough study on trust

The world’s most successful organizations are purposeful about the cultures they create. At Sicora Consulting, we help our clients develop a purposeful culture of trust, one that aligns with and directly supports the organization’s strategy – within and across your leadership team, employees and customers. Leaders, individuals and teams who trust one another create a powerful, results-oriented culture within your organization.

In 2015, Dr. Robert T. Sicora completed a body of research that had never been done before. Part of his Doctoral Research at the University of St. Thomas, Dr. Sicora engaged 18 organizations across the United States in a study looking at how personality styles of individuals play a role in building trust at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Over 1,300 individuals participated in the study (300 managers of people) looking at both perception of self and perception of others as part of the research.

This breakthrough research looks at a series of outcome measures, including performance and engagement, to determine the impact levels of trust and personality styles have in an organization. The rich data was integral to the writing of Grab the Helm, and has been the basis for many articles and papers. Version 2.0 of this research will be appearing soon.

Download the whitepaper

The first of these papers is available to you today. This white paper summary of Dr. Sicora’s dissertation shows the foundational results from the study. Request your copy of Personality Styles and the Role They Play in Building Trust by filling out this form.