Discover the Leader Within

What is your unique leadership brand?

Sicora Consulting was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone has leadership within them. We can help you develop leaders at all levels of your organization, helping executives and employees discover their individual strengths and unique leadership styles. We can then help you harness that collective power – unlocking the higher level of performance you seek.

Leadership begins with understanding the self, and it’s through understanding others and building deeper levels of trust that we can create lasting relationships that produce sustainable results. The Discover the Leader Within program utilizes 4 Colors of Insights, and a variety of four color assessments to define eight styles of personality. Each profile helps you better understand yourself and others.

How you will benefit


Build trust with others, in teams, and throughout your organization


Understand your personality style and adapt to connect with others

Quickly recognize the leadership style of others


Increase emotional and social intelligence

Improve team effectiveness and employee engagement

Bring out the leader in everyone

Build trust and strengthen relationships using a variety of four-color instruments to help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves and others within your organization.

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Navigating with a purpose

Does your individual journey complement that of your organization's? Learn how to make them align along a shared trajectory and purpose.