Enhancing vision, understanding, caring, and agility

Sicora Consulting uses TalentTelligent’s KSA Suite of Tools to help organizations hire, develop, and engage top talent. The TalentTelligent approach is built on more than 50 years of research including more recent studies on neuroscience. It’s a proven method for ensuring that you have the right people doing the right work throughout all levels of your organization.

For Individual Contributors

This tool was designed for those who do the hands-on work along the front line. KSAI helps identify the behaviors that are necessary for these individuals to perform at their best and to potentially evolve into managers, supervisors, and leaders.

For Managers or Supervisors

KSAM is ideal for those who manage individual contributors. These managers and supervisors  have a great deal of influence on the business efforts of your organization.The KSAM suite of tools identifies key components and practices of best-in-class management such as  collaboration and teamwork.

For Leaders

KSAL is the stuff of great leaders. This framework is designed for executives who oversee managers and supervisors as part of leading the enterprise at the highest levels. They are highly accomplished, but could use a tune up to help further refine their leadership skills and the manner in which they embody the organization’s strategy and brand.

For High Potentials

If you’re looking to upgrade your talent, you may not need to look beyond your existing organization. KSAP is useful in helping identify and develop individuals with high potential so they can be encouraged to fulfill their promise through continuous improvement and growth.

For Teams

Effective teams are the backbone of your organization. But without the right insights to guide you, it can be difficult to assemble teams successfully. With KSAT, you’ll be better equipped to compose strong teams and maximize the impact they have on your organization. 

KSA Suite of Tools

All KSA models incorporate the same powerful suite of tools to help you maximize the potential of each program. These tools allow you to delve more deeply into the experience while creating more engaged participation.

  • Sort Cards
  • Tally Sheets and Posters
  • Placemats
  • DIY – Dev Guide
  • 360 Assessments
  • Hello! Interview Guides