Building deeper trust in the workplace

Sicora Consulting is certified in the TrustEdge suite of tools, developed by global trust expert and bestselling author David Horsager. We have incorporated these tools alongside our Leading from the Helm program to better help organizations understand their employees’ trust levels at the individual, team, and organization levels.

At Sicora Consulting, we utilize TrustEdge in combination with the Purposeful Culture of Trust spoke of the Leading From the Helm model to provide a deep understanding of how trust operates in your organization, as an individual unique, and at the team level. Trust is a pivotal part of any successful organization and without trust, leaders and their organizations can fail. Trust is not a soft skill and can be one of the best leading indicators of success when done correctly.

When your team uses the TrustEdge assessment, in tandem with our Leading from the Helm program, you’ll have increased performance and less attrition all while improving morale. TrustEdge assessments allow you to benchmark trust individually, as a team, with your customers, or across your whole organization. Click here to learn more about our other assessments.


8 Pillars of Trust


Self Assessment

Gain a baseline on your trust levels so you can increase trust personally in your organization.

Team Assessment

You, along with your team, will work to take an assessment to better understand and become equipped to find gaps in trust in your team.

Organizational Assessment

Get a broader understanding of your organization at all levels when it comes to trust and get an outlook of the future ahead.