Navigating Team Effectiveness

Now is the time to Reimagine, Reengage, and Reignite your team

These past few years has presented unprecedented challenges to all organizations. As yours emerges from this period of disruption and change, your team may be struggling to find its way forward. Our Navigating Team Effectiveness program is designed to rally everyone in your team around a shared purpose and a commitment to team excellence.

Navigating Team Effectiveness combines the Team, Leadership, Culture, and Engagement spokes of the Organizational Helm with powerful tools such as 4 Colors of Insights to create a holistic and balanced program that brings out the full potential of your team.

A customizable, blended program of virtual and in-person sessions


  • Dynamic virtual and in-person group facilitation
  • On demand reinforcement and sustainability resources
  • Talent Insights profile for each participant
  • Talent Insights team report
  • Leading from the Helm diagnostic baseline
  • Leadership Effectiveness & Importance analysis
  • Purposeful Culture of Trust perception report
  • Team Effectiveness & Importance analysis
  • Individual and Peer Coaching
  • 8 Factors of Engagement composite baseline report
  • Fully integrates Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of Team into the 8 Aspects of Team model

A blended approach

Navigating Team Effectiveness combines the Team spoke with other aspects of the Organizational Helm to deliver a holistic and balanced solution to managing and elevating team performance


Experience the Leader Within

The potential for leadership exists at all levels of your organization. Help team members gain a better understanding of their unique leadership abilities using 4 Colors of Insights and other tools.



Purposeful Culture of Trust

Leverage our 8 Styles of Culture model to create a trust-based culture of accountability that drives productivity, high employee engagement, and improved customer loyalty.



8 Aspects of an Effective Team

Measure the effectiveness of your team and build a sustainable framework that’s centered on continuous improvement, shared purpose, and six other key aspects of a successful team.



8 Factors of Engagement

Establish a baseline as you move toward a dynamic, real-time, employee-driven process using the 8 Factors of Engagement program, the leading indicator of employee engagement.


Align your team on a path to success

In 2022, business as usual just won’t cut it. Navigating Team Effectiveness will reinvigorate your team so you can pursue opportunities for growth with newfound purpose and confidence.

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