4 Colors of Insights

Understand your unique leadership style

Every person has a unique leadership style and personality brand within them. The more we understand about ourselves and about others, the better we are able to connect with the world around us.

Developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the differences of others gives us the ability to learn to adapt to their unique styles. This helps us build trust within relationships so that, collectively, we are able to achieve great things.

We use a variety of assessments based on the four color energies — blue, red, yellow, and green — to identify personality preferences and related behaviors that have a profound impact on your organization’s engagement, leadership, and culture.  Click here to learn more about our assessments.


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Develop trust and appreciation

The 4 Colors of Insights make up our personality style; we have all 4 Colors within us and they are the lenses by which we perceive the world. By understanding our own styles, and that of others around us, we are able to develop deeper trust and appreciation of the differences others bring to the conversation.

8 Styles of Personality

The 8 Styles of Personality builds on the 4 Colors of Insights. By combining the two, we can determine which of the 8 Personality styles is distinctive to you and others in your organization. 

Using appreciative inquiry, social intelligence, and appreciation for others, we can help you adapt your style in a way that builds trust within relationships.

When you examine personality in a group context, and start to appreciate others’ styles and differences, you are in a much better position to build a lasting culture of diversity and inclusion. 

Understand your unique leadership style

Unlock your unique leadership style, embrace diversity, and drive collective success with assessments based on four color energies.

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