8 Factors of Engagement
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Putting Employee back in Employee Engagement

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Start the new year off on the right foot with improved employee engagement. Take action now by clicking the link below to request your own 8 Factors of Engagement individual profile.

Employee Engagement is a leading indicator of performance for every organization. As a leader, knowing exactly what factors to work on to help drive engagement can be difficult to determine. Even more so, the actions needed to bring meaningful change.

That is why offering employees to take command with purpose of their own engagement is so empowering, it helps to create a more trusting impact within an organization’s culture.

By investing less than 5 minutes everyone will have the information and tools necessary to improve engagement.

8 Factors of Engagement

The 8 Factors of Engagement is the most balanced and holistic model of engagement on the market. It identifies the leading indicators behind engagement and provides insight for employees, teams, leaders and organizations.

For the past 6+ years organizations and employees all over the world have used the 8 Factors of Engagement to transform their work environment to an employee led culture of engagement and performance.

Prioritize and take action that is meaningful. The 8 Factors of Engagement Pyramid included in the individual profile shows where to begin to have the greatest impact.


All information collected contributes to our ongoing efforts to improve employee engagement globally.

What Are the Steps

  1. Click on the box and request your 8FE Individual Profile.
  2. Check your email for a link to a quick survey (less than five minutes).
  3. Once the survey has been completed, your individual profile will be emailed to you.
  4. Review your profile results and reflect on the learnings.
  5. Share with your supervisor and team members.
  6. Create an action plan.


Click HERE to download a resource sheet, listing more info about the 8 Factors of Engagement Individual Profile.

Thank you for taking the time to complete your 8 Factors of Engagement Individual Profile! We look forward to hearing about how you put employee back into engagement.