Best Buy

The Opportunity

Best Buy is a multinational retailer of consumer electronics headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. The Total Rewards Team, a subgroup of Best Buy, approached Sicora Consulting in improve teamwork, team unity, and commitment by teaching employees how to understand and value differences. This team is all about maintaining continuous improvement, while always looking for the “next thing” that will have an impact within the team. This team is constantly going through integration processes, due to leadership being set-up in a way where other departments within the Best Buy organization can become part of their division. Due to the constant change in organizational structure that occurs, the team looked for a solution to rapidly assimilate new team members in a dynamic way that would get people up to speed in a short amount of time.

The Solution

After partnering with Sicora Consulting, it was determined that most needed solution that Best Buy needed was in team effectiveness. The team was introduced to Dr. Robert Sicora’s Leading from the Helm holistic strategy system. The team was then given the solution to utilize 4 Colors of Insights to assist with understanding and appreciating differences within others and the various different communication styles. The models provided by Sicora Consulting helped Best Buy gain the necessary knowledge to get their employees up to speed quickly and to build trust. This then led them to the Discover the Leader Within program, allowing team members to see and appreciate different leadership styles.


The Outcome

The instruction methods provided by Sicora Consulting helped create a team function within the organization that others want to be part of. The skills learned allowed for quick integration of new team members within the group that produced higher levels of engagement and impact on productivities. The positive transformation Best Buy endured created and developed a truly high-performing team that improved their team effectiveness.


Robert does an amazing job creating an atmosphere where people gain greater insights to themselves and to their teams. His instruction methods teach the results in a way that can be applied not only to the work environment but also, In everyday life. It is truly transforming for anyone who wants to create a high-performance team.

Best Buy Team Member