Insights Discovery

We help people understand themselves better as individuals and leaders.

Insights Discovery is one of many 4 color – 8 style models on the market today. It is a Jungian based tool that looks at introversion/extroversion and thinking/feeling as a way of determining the four color energies. Insights Discovery reveals a powerful narrative for each and every person that completes their assessment.

Working Together

Back in 2005, Dr. Sicora was first introduced to the tool while he was at Carlson Companies, he was so impressed by the narrative and accuracy that he brought it to the Learning & Development function. Soon after, as the head of Organization Development for the Fluid Power Group at Eaton Corporation, Dr. Sicora rolled out the use of Insights Discovery globally to its many employees.

In 2009, when Dr. Sicora became an independent consultant, the Insights organization asked him to partner with them to bring Discovery to their global clients. Dr. Sicora became a Senior Consultant for Insights, along with a Lead Faculty member, training individuals on how to facilitate and coach using Insights Discovery.

Continuing our Parnership

Sicora Consulting became a top 5 distributor of Insights Discovery, helping organization using the various Insights tools, that included:


  • Discovery
  • Deeper Discovery
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Full Circle
  • Sales Effectiveness
Now that Dr. Sicora and Sicora Consulting has expanded the use of their 8 Factors of Engagement and Leading from the Helm models to organizations of all sizes in all areas of the world, he has chosen to continue his partnership with Insights through the top global distributor, a trusted relationship he has had since the very beginning in 2005.