8 Factors of Engagement
Individual Profile

Putting Employee back in Employee Engagement

Team working together within a positive work culture environment

Assess individual employee engagement in less than five minutes

Sicora Consulting, along with TTI Success Insights, has developed the 8 Factors of Engagement Individual Profile, a balanced, holistic, science-based model that promotes trust, shared purpose, and improved performance among your workforce. This first of its kind profile is crucial for organizations seeking to execute on strategy, leadership development, and culture-building initiatives.

The survey takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete and can be used for both action planning sessions and quarterly reviews. By providing individuals their personalized employee engagement data, they can more effectively identify opportunities to improve alignment and communication, putting them at the helm of their own employee engagement journey.

Balanced, holistic, and actionable

Engaged employees feel a strong sense of loyalty to and association with your organization. But engagement doesn’t just happen; it needs to be facilitated and nurtured throughout your organization. The 8 Factors of Engagement Individual Profile gives employees the necessary foundation to build their individual Engagement Pyramid, a hierarchy of factors that fosters reliability, belonging, and growth.

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