The Opportunity

SAP Software Solutions had just experienced a dynamic team-building event, but immediately following the conclusion of the event leaders realized that it was not sustainable. They realized they had factors in their environment that had a negative impact on their ability to truly come together as a team, engagement and trust. SAP asked for something that would specifically help with engagement, trust and team effectiveness.


The Solution

When turning to Sicora Consulting, SAP was introduced to Leading from the Helm, Navigating Team Effectiveness model, and most importantly the 8 Factors of Engagement. All of these models were strategically integrated with 4 Colors of Insights and the concepts from the Discover the Leader Within program. Sicora Consulting embarked on a process of collecting engagement data and mirroring the gathered information back to SAP. This allowed them to work in a very dynamic, while actively engaged, employee-led process around action planning, continuous improvement and bringing the team together.


The Outcome

SAP is a successful example of how the team effectiveness approach can have a transformative and positive impact on an organization. Impact was also able to be utilized in other areas of their organization. This small 20-person team within a much larger corporation, was able to effectively utilize Sicora Consulting in a positive way, that provided major impact immediately within the same particular group that was completed fully virtual.