The Opportunity

During the time of change during COVID-19 and outside source chaos, senior leadership from Trimble Transportation was faced with the opportunity to develop and improve the overall impact of culture within the organization. Leadership wanted to align this new and improved purposeful culture of trust with the strategy they were designing. Knowing this process started with their people, helped lead to the implementation of change for the continuous improvement of their organization.


The Solution

Sicora Consulting was able to provide the necessary tools and solutions for Trimble and their senior leadership by introducing them to the 8 Factors of Engagement model, but that wasn’t enough. In order to get things clear on strategy, leadership development and team effectiveness, Trimble was also introduced to Dr. Robert Sicora’s research-based Leading from the Helm model, specifically utilizing the Organizational Helm to discover a purposeful culture of trust. By bringing in organizational data in order to educate the impact engagement was having on employees, senior leadership was able to move the strategy forward allowing for alignment on the leadership side.


The Outcome

In the months preceding the start of COVID-19, Trimble’s overall engagement scores skyrocketed during this time of change. The big win for Trimble was the fact that senior leadership successfully implemented the 8 Factors of Engagement methodology, started executing quarterly meeting pulses, employee-led action planning and began to utilize organizational impact analysis. In this case, the senior leadership team is the hero by them developing a shared purpose throughout the organization. Trimble was able to create an employee-led community of trust while taking ownership of their own engagement.